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Medication Management

The use of medication in the management of mental health, substance abuse and weight loss has been stigmatized the past decade, deterring patients from accepting it as part of their treatment. At Aseda, we efficiently assess patients for their needs before recommending the right medication for management. Mental health has been identified as chemical imbalances/ alteration in an individuals mind. The purpose of the medication is to aid in improving or relieving the symptoms caused by the brain’s chemical imbalances.

The management of weight with medication has been frowned upon, thus preventing and limiting people from seeking treatment after not succeeding with diet and exercise. At Aseda, we spend time with patients to identify which medication will be most effective in the weight management, in addition to diet and exercise.

Medication assisted treatment is also utilized in the management of substance abuse. Patient’s who suffer from addiction are throughly assessed and prescribed medication that will aid in alleviating withdrawal symptoms and relapse prevention.

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