About Sergei Evans, MSW

Clinical Social Worker in Danvers, MA

Sergei Evans, MSW

Ever since childhood, it has been a dream of mine to collaborate with individuals to help them grow, heal, and educate themselves around, not only mental health disorders, but substance use disorders. Professionally, I have worked in many settings that established me where I am today. The array of experience, knowledge, expertise and growing, has allowed me to work in the profession of social work and clinical practice. Not only have I extensively worked in youth settings, but more recently I began in working with adults that have substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health challenges.

Another reason why I got involved in the work that I do as a professional, is family. Growing up was challenging for some in my family. Unfortunately, the ‘disease’ easily made its way into the lives of individuals within my own family and not only did it exacerbate externalized problems but created interpersonal conflict as well.

My position as a therapist, is to provide a level of care that is foundational, respectful, and focused on principles and values that ethically surround the client or patient. Furthermore, my patient -centered practices are at the forefront and center during sessions which allows us to work together in recognizing, coping, and rebuilding ourself from ‘disease’-inflicted lifestyles.