About Barbara Davis, FNP

Advanced Family Nurse Practitioner in Danvers, MA

Barbara Davis, FNP

Barbara D. Davis, FNP, is a family nurse practitioner and a mother to three beautiful children. She provides compassionate care to patients at Aseda Suboxone and Wellness in Danvers, Massachusetts. 

Barbara has worked as a registered nurse and family nurse practitioner in health care for the past eight years. Her decision to focus on addiction medicine stemmed from firsthand experience. A few years back, a member of Barbara’s family passed away from opioid and alcohol use disorder. It was one of the most challenging things she's dealt with, and she is still healing from such a profound loss. 

After this loss, Barbara had the opportunity to work in addiction recovery. She knew it was the perfect lane because it would allow her to help people and make a difference in society. 

Barbara has been working in addiction recovery medicine for the past two years to help combat this opioid battle. Since then, she has realized the massive and heartbreaking impact opioids have had and continue to have on families and the community. 

The rate of opioid use rises every year, and as a provider, Barbara's focus is to save lives from being destroyed by substance use, one person at a time.